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At Affordable Computing Solutions, we stand behind our work and make certain guarantees. If we replace a hard drive, for example and it fails within 30 days we will replace it again. We have to determine that the problem is a part we replaced or something we worked on in order to guarantee it. One service that is never guaranteed is Malware/Virus removal. Most folks will have their computer cleaned/repaired, go home and go to the same websites, open email containing threats or keep up the same surfing behaviors that gave them the virus in the first place. We offer handouts and information on our web site about how to avoid Malware and infecting/re-infecting your machine. We also offer classes or individual instruction to avoid problems as best as possible.

In-Store Labor - Hourly Rate $65 per *billable hour. Billed in 15 minute increments. Repairs taking less than an hour are billed at $40 (the minimum bench fee) $65/hr

Residential - On-Site Labor Rate [Geeks on the Go] is billed hourly the first hour and then billed in 15 Min increments. One hour minimum. $75/hr + $.55/mi Mileage if applicable**

Commercial - On-Site Labor Rate [Geeks on the Go] is billed hourly the first hour and then billed in 15 Min increments. One hour minimum. $90/hr + $.55/mi Mileage if applicable** On-Site or In-Store Lessons and Instruction, to learn how to do any task with a computer, learn windows, mouse and keyboard work, and all basic computer use. $35/hr

Diagnostic services are $65 a $45 Discount will be applied with a Repair over $100.00 that is authorized and completed $65

Virus and malware removal - Recover to factory state or OS reload for any reason; includes all Microsoft Updates and includes complimentary software titles, including, VLC Media Player, Nero Burning software, Open Office or Libre Office, and Avast Anti-Virus. $120 Data Recovery - when included with recovering system to factory state or OS reloads Diagnostics with factory recovery or reload $30

Data recovery is billed at the In-Store rate of $65.00 per hour. $65/hr

Software install - Installing any software title, such as Microsoft Office, Antivirus, Players, editors, etc. Up to 2 titles included. $40 Cloning a HDD [Hard Disk Drive] billed at a minimum of 1.5 hours labor $97.50

Regrease Heat Sink and Processor at the In-Store Labor rate of $65/hr $65/hr

Laptop Screen and Keyboard Replacement* at the In-Store Labor rate of $65/hr + Cost of parts

Power Port Repair $65/hr In-Store labor + Parts and it usually takes one and a half hours $97.50

*This is the time your machine is actually being worked on, not the total time machine is on the bench. Estimates cover most replacements. Part cost may be more for specialized parts, such as illuminated keyboards, touch screens, etc.. Fees above do not include Tax.

**$.55/mi Mileage charges will be added for onsite service conducted at locations 10 miles or farther from Affordable Computer Solutions Storefront. All mileage charges will be calculated using Google Maps.

Affordable Computing Solutions

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